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Wed, Feb 6 12:00am · Normandy D-Day Anniversary Trip - Teleconference for Rochester

Arizona Educational Adventure Series

Normandy D-Day Anniversary Trip: Highlighting Mayo Clinic Connections
– Bob Smoldt with contributions from Roger Nelson and Denis Cortese

Mon, Jan 21 2:50pm · New Vehicle Registration System at Mayo Rochester Starting March 1st

Register vehicle for new automated license plate recognition system in Rochester

Mayo Clinic parking tags are being replaced by an automated license plate recognition system in Rochester on March 1.

Mayo Clinic parking tags have been a fixture of the Rochester traffic scene for many years. Whether it’s a gold star, purple square, blue bell, red heart or one of several other shapes, it’s not uncommon to spot one of them on a license plate in Rochester and surrounding communities. The tags have helped Mayo manually regulate parking policies that are overseen by the Parking and Campus Transportation Committee.

But that’s about to change.

Soon these colorful tags will become a relic of Mayo history, as they’re being replaced by an automated license plate recognition system. The new technology relies on a record of license plate numbers to verify parking eligibility when Parking and Transportation staff patrol parking lots and ramps. The Parking and Campus Transportation Committee hopes the new technology and daily patrols will make parking expectations clear and improve adherence to policies.

Improving an outdated system

The new system will allow Parking and Transportation staff to do their jobs more efficiently and consistently. On any day, 20,000 to 30,000 vehicles are parked in the 45 staff and patient lots, and 11 ramps.

While parking tags must now be read manually to identify a vehicle owner in an inventory of parking tags, the new system allows Parking and Transportation staff to drive past parked vehicles to scan and temporarily capture license plate information, and compare it to the list of registered plates. Vehicles can be pulled into spaces forward or backward, so long as the license plate is visible. When a license plate is deemed to violate parking policies, the Parking and Transportation staff member is alerted.

Register your vehicle

Parking and Transportation has begun using this new system but is relying on the parking tags until March 1 to allow you time to register your vehicle. To do so, you must be on the Mayo intranet (inside the firewall); then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Vehicle Registration intranet page. The page will display your current parking eligibility.
  • Click on the “Add Vehicle” link, and submit your license plate number, state, vehicle type (primary or secondary vehicle), make, model year and color.
  • Click on “Save Vehicle.”

You must register your vehicle on your own. Card Access Office staff will not be able to complete these steps for you.

At this time, do not remove your parking tag from your vehicle, as Parking and Transportation plans to use both systems simultaneously until all staff are registered.

Registration is encouraged by March 1, when Parking and Transportation will begin enforcing parking policies using the new system.

Learn more in this Q & A:

How many vehicles can I register?
You can register two vehicles but must select the vehicle you drive primarily as the default. If you drive the second registered vehicle, you must update the system accordingly by returning to the Vehicle Registration intranet page and switching your default from your primary to your secondary vehicle.

What happens if I park a vehicle that’s not registered? Can I temporarily register it like I do now?
Yes, you can continue to register an untagged vehicle as before. With the new system, you will be able to switch your registered vehicle within the system, and the database will update automatically.

How can I update my vehicle registration?
You can return to the Vehicle Registration intranet page anytime to update your registration.

Do I have to be on the Mayo network to access the vehicle registration page?
Yes, access to the registration site is only available on the Mayo network.

Can I call the Card Access Office to register my vehicle(s)?
No, Card Access Office staff will not be able to complete these steps for you.

Should I register my vehicle even if I only occasionally park on campus?
Yes, if you own a vehicle and work at Mayo, Parking and Transportation asks that you register your vehicle. This is to ensure that Parking and Transportation does not ticket your vehicle on the rare occasion when you park in a Mayo lot or ramp.

Will parking standards change with the implementation of this new system?
The new system will not change current parking standards. You can view parking eligibility standards on the Parking and Transportation intranet site.

How long should I keep my current vehicle tag?
You should continue to display your Mayo Clinic parking tag until otherwise instructed.

Sun, Jan 20 3:57pm · Presentation: Normandy D-Day Anniversary Trip

Educational Adventure Series 2019
Normandy D-Day Anniversary Trip:
Emphasis on Mayo Connections

Speaker: Bob Smoldt
With added perspective from
Dr. Roger Nelson and Dr. Denis Cortese

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

For Arizona
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm MT
Mayo Clinic Building (Scottsdale Campus)
Taylor Auditorium – (Live!)
Waugh Auditorium – A-side (Video)

For Rochester
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CT
Gonda 7-103 lecture hall

 A trip to the Normandy beaches is very illuminating but especially when tracing key contributions made by individuals with direct relationship to Mayo and Mayo Emeriti.

Sun, Jan 20 2:47pm · Opportunity - New Administrative Talent Pool Program for Emeriti

Administrative Talent Pool—An Emeriti Partnership Program
Mayo Clinic has approved the creation of a talent pool of emeriti who have skills and interest in temporary supplemental employment performing non-clinical administrative work.   The program is designed to support work at all three Mayo sites, is available to all emeriti (M.D., PhD, and administrative) at all sites and may include non-clinical work in all three shields.

Emeriti are being recruited to fill temporary needs leading and completing work such as new projects or initiatives, leadership coaching, and interim and supplemental assignments.   The program began in a limited capacity in 2018. We are expecting it to grow in 2019 as the need for flexible skilled staff grows, and as communication to Mayo Clinic leadership continues. Several departments have employed a small number of emeriti in the past. The enterprise emeriti administrative partnership program is designed to assure a consistent and organized re-employment process and is led by Mayo Clinic Human Resource shared service.   .

Please complete the Contact Information section.  Update or add a Resume/CV.  If you don’t have a resume/CV, you may add your work experiences and education to the profile.

Questions may be directed to

Thu, Jan 17 12:00am · Quarterly Noon Luncheon - Rochester

Destination Medical Center
Mr. John Murphy

Tue, Jan 1 2:54pm · Attention Laptop Users Using Ethernet Connection in Emeritus Center

Important Network Access Changes Effective Thursday, January, 3, 2018:

  • Wired Ethernet Connections
    • Only Mayo-managed devices (laptop/desktop computers, medical equipment) will be allowed to connect to the Mayo Clinic secure wired network.
    • Personally-owned devices (e.g. laptops, workstations) will not have access

Note:  Wireless devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) or laptops using a wireless connection are not affected at this time.

Dec 11, 2018 · Windows 10 Upgrade Coming...What You Need to Know.

The computers in the Emeritus Business Center that are currently equipped with Windows 7 will be upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system the week of 12/17/18.

Upgrade process

The Windows 10 upgrade will come to most work units during late evening hours or overnight

How to help your staff prepare for the transition

  • Please store documents and files on home or department drives rather than on hard drives or desktops to minimize the chance for loss of files or data.
  • Report any specialty applications used by your department that may not be compatible with Windows 10 to your application support team for further investigation

Windows 10 will look and feel like Windows 7, with a few exceptions. The upgrade includes several new features that amplify productivity, provide better protection, and enhance enterprise support, including Mayo Dock.