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a little bit ago · Quarterly Noon Luncheon - Rochester

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1 day ago · Workstations Added to Offices

Exciting Additions to our Emeritus Center

With the kind assistance Mr. Mark Jax and our own Roxy Lane
Tischer and Shawna Miller, we have been able to repurpose workstations and
printers from the former Mayo Health Solutions (or MMSI). This now allows us to
outfit all of our offices with workstations and, with the support of the
Executive Committee supports and purchase of three additional printers, each
room will have a dedicated printer paired with its workstation. For those who
prefer to work on a Macintosh, a new iMac is also being purchased and it will
continue to be paired with a printer.

These changes are in addition to the current eight
workstations and three printers in the Business Center, which are not affected
by these enhancements.

Tue, May 14 12:00am · Tech Talk: Making Sure YOU are YOU! Essential Rules for Staying Safe Online

Tech Talk: Making Sure YOU are YOU! Essential Rules for Staying Safe Online


Thu, May 9 9:56am · Card Access to Emeritus Center Required After Hours

The Emeritus Center is still open from 8 am – 5 pm weekdays but to gain access after hours or on weekends you will need your Mayo Photo ID card. The card reader is on the wall to the right.

Tue, May 7 12:00am · LIFE Program: "What Would Will and Charlie Think of DMC?" - Rochester

Walk with Will and Charlie as they return to Rochester and share their observations of old and new sites.
– Program Instructor: Dana Knaak

Thu, May 2 4:59pm · What Would Will and Charlie Think of DMC?

Program from LIFE (Learning is Forever) program.

Members and non-members can register online at

Mon, Apr 22 1:10pm · Tech Talk: Making Sure YOU are YOU! Essential Rules for Staying Safe Online

May 14, 3-4 pm SL-200, DAHLC (Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center)  

Scams are growing more common and conniving, but you are not alone in battling them. Better safeguards are emerging to protect you. So how do you protect yourself? Here’s what our Mayo experts are saying about what you can do to attack the issue and avoid getting hacked.

Mon, Apr 15 1:43pm · Update to New Parking Rules

Emeritus staff are not affected by recent parking eligibility changes!

Effective April 1, 2019, the Rochester Parking and Campus Transportation Committee has approved changes to parking eligibility. These changes do not affect emeritus staff. The affected groups are: • Temporary research professionals — fellows, including senior fellows; associates, including senior associates; and visiting fellows • Staff in the “specified managers category” • Volunteers • Certain groups of allied health retirees Each of these groups is affected differently: • Temporary research professionals and staff in the “specified managers category” with a hire date of April 1 or later no longer are eligible to park in staff ramps downtown or on the Saint Marys campus. • Volunteers have been reassigned to the East and West shuttle lots. • Returning allied health retirees who are working less than 0.5 FTE have been reassigned to the East and West shuttle lots. As a reminder, any staff can park in staff ramps or lots between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends. In addition, parking eligibility for administrative staff hired on or after April 1 has been tightened. The changes were endorsed by the Midwest Executive Operations Team. Parking eligibility is not changing for staff hired or enrolled before April 1.