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a little bit ago · Quarterly Noon Luncheon - Rochester

Destination Medical Center
Mr. John Murphy

3 days ago · Windows 10 Upgrade Coming...What You Need to Know.

The computers in the Emeritus Business Center that are currently equipped with Windows 7 will be upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system the week of 12/17/18.

Upgrade process

The Windows 10 upgrade will come to most work units during late evening hours or overnight

How to help your staff prepare for the transition

  • Please store documents and files on home or department drives rather than on hard drives or desktops to minimize the chance for loss of files or data.
  • Report any specialty applications used by your department that may not be compatible with Windows 10 to your application support team for further investigation

Windows 10 will look and feel like Windows 7, with a few exceptions. The upgrade includes several new features that amplify productivity, provide better protection, and enhance enterprise support, including Mayo Dock.

Thu, Dec 6 12:00am · Emergency Response Refresher Course - Rochester

Emergency Response Refresher Course – RSVP Required to attend

We will be doing some hands on and face to face review of basic emergency response topics.  We will be discussing proper positioning of the rescuer and safety of the rescuer for all the above topics also. I believe this is a great opportunity for the Emeritus staff to review and update their emergency medical knowledge and take away great life skills to use at work and home.

 **This is not a CPR certification course,

but a simple review of CPR.**

R.S.V.P. by calling Mayo Clinic Emeriti Staff Center, Plummer 10-N, at 507-293-3211.
Mention the event name and leave your name & phone number if leaving a message

Wed, Nov 28 12:00am · Educational Adventure Series - Arizona

Dr. Peter Bosch
Favorite Places in My Home Country


Wed, Nov 21 3:56pm · About the Mayo Clinic News Center - Getting the News

The News Center is found on the intranet inside the Mayo firewall. It can be accessed when logging onto Mayoweb from a Mayo workstation or using Remote Access with VPN connection. Each Friday you may receive the listing of news items on the News Center by email on your mobile devices but you cannot view the full site.

Since the introduction of two step verification at Mayo to log onto the Mayo intranet, many emeriti have dropped Remote Access. Our new website (at is outside the firewall allows easy access to other news and activities but since it is outside the firewall, we cannot directly link to the Mayo Clinic News Center currently but establishing a link to the News Center in some way is under consideration.

For now, important or relevant news for emeriti is reproduced or brought over to the news blog on our Staying Connected page. A special thanks to Dr. Barbara Westmoreland for sweeping the Mayo Clinic intranet and identifying news items for our attention.


Wed, Nov 21 3:34pm · First Quarterly Meeting - Arizona

Proton Beam Update
Dr. Sameer Keole