History of the Emeritus Staff

The Emeritus Staff was defined as a group in the post World War II years. Office space in the Plummer Building was assigned to the Emeritus Staff in 1947. The space provided one room and limited secretarial support. The group was small.

Dr. Herbert Z. Giffin served as the first Chair of the Emeritus Staff (1949-1958). As the group grew in numbers, a Steering Committee was formed. Dr. Winchell McK. Craig served as Chair. Drs. Arlie R. Barnes, Stuart W. Harrington, H.L. Smith and Louis A. Buie served as members of the Steering committee. The name of the committee was changed to Emeritus Committee in 1961. Dr. L.M. Randall served as Chair, the Drs. Barnes, Harrington, Bayard T. Horton and James F. Weir as members. Annual meetings were initiated in 1961, and have continued with the exception of 1968.

In 1969, the name “Steering Committee” was used again. The officers consisted of a chair, vice chair, and three members. In 1970, the name was changed to the Emeritus Executive Committee. The present offices of chair,
vice chair and secretary were established and a yearly rotation of officers began. Prior to this time, no terms of office had been established. The original Steering Committee held office for three years.

Traditions have been passed on by word of mouth. As the Emeritus Staff continued to enlarge, it seemed wise to develop a history. This provides a guide. The Emeritus group now has bylaws and rules. Operating policies do not lock in practices that can and should be changed from time to time.

Emeriti Centers are now present at the following Mayo Clinic group practices:
     Jacksonville, Florida ≅ 90 members
     Scottsdale, Arizona ≅ 125 members
     Rochester, Minnesota ≅ 665 members≅

In 2016 the three groups began came together as an enterprise to share ideas, develop a common website, and coordinate educational opportunities. These efforts are evolving and in various phases of development.