May 14, 2020

The Voice…a Hit

By Neath Folger

The VOICE is a new, timely Newsletter for our time. 
This from Mike Farnell, M.D., Chair Rochester Emeriti Executive Council in the inaugural issue :

"To remain connected to the Midwest Emeriti community, the Mayo Rochester Emeriti Executive Council has initiated a weekly electronic communication entitled “The Voice: Emeriti Connection Amid the COVID-19 Crisis.” Credit is due our Mayo Arizona Emeriti leadership colleagues who have implemented a similar communications plan in the Southwest." We hope... "The Voice” will be both informative and engaging, serving as a springboard for an exchange of ideas for coping with the lifestyle challenges inherent with the COVID-19 pandemic."

Many thanks to : Deborah Lightner, M.D., Editor, The
Voice and editorial board members Marianne Hockema, Joanne Rosener and Cynthia Nelson as well as the many emeriti who have contributed ideas, news and tidbits.

You can also now view the current or previous issues on the "Staying Connected" page of this Emeriti Association Website.

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