November 20, 2019

Silver Force Circle Events – Recent and Upcoming

By Neath Folger

From Ms. Joanne Rosener

Past Events:

  • September 27 Social at Country Club with singer
    songwriter Dianna Parks and Eric Straubmuller (~45 attendees)
  • October 30 Small Talk at Rochester Area Foundation on
    Techniques for using Retirement Assets to Fund Charitable Giving with Dan Edwards, Mark Utz, Jennifer Woodford and Bill Brown.  

Upcoming Events:

  • March 10 Tech Talk on Plummer (3 pm) on Acceleration of
    Technology-What you need to know
  • TBD (April?) Small Talk on Retiree Health Care at Home and on
    the Road (speaker and details to be determined)
  • May 1 Social at Country Club with Dr. Diane Dahm on Sports Medicine (details coming)

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