October 17, 2019

From Quarter Luncheon & Business Meeting October 17, 2019

By Neath Folger

Featured Presentation

Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., President and CEO, Mayo Clinic

Upcoming Silver Force Circle Events


  • 30th –Small Talk: Techniques for Using Retirement Assets to Fund your Charitable Giving: What you need to know, 3-4pm, Rochester Area Foundation, 12 Elton Hills Drive NW


  • 4th - Foundation House Holiday Reception 2-4pm
  • 7th – Gonda Atrium Holiday Reception 2-4pm

2019 Distinguished Emeriti Award

Joseph A. Gibilisco, D.D.S., M.S.
2/27/1956 to 4/30/1990
34 years of Service

Emeriti Executive Committee for 2019-2020 (Rochester Campus)

  • Michael Farnell, M.D., Chair
  • Michael Rock, M.D., Secretary
  • Deborah J. Lightner, M.D. Secretary-Elect*
  • Mark Brutinel, M.D., Past Chair

* Newly elected at Business Meeting


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