October 10, 2019

Traveling Outside US? Are You Covered?

By Neath Folger

We all like to travel in our retirement years, but do you know about your medical coverage and air ambulance transport when travelling outside the US?

  • For those who retired before 2015 – retain coverage in the Mayo Medical Supplement Plan which includes air ambulance coverage and no action is necessary.
  • For those retiring in 2015 or later:
    • Your medical coverage in the marketplace may not necessarily extend to travel outside the US. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you are covered. If not, you are strongly advised to take out trip insurance that uncovers unforeseen medical expenses when traveling abroad for even a day or so in neighboring countries. If you plan to travel outside the US regularly, consider revising your medical plan to include this coverage during the next open enrollment period.
    • You no longer have air ambulance coverage through Mayo. However, air ambulance coverage is available to retirees and their spouse for a small annual fee from AirMed, the same air ambulance transport program serving Mayo. The annual membership for Mayo retirees is $35 per year or $70 for a couple. https://airmed.com/rpmc and click "Buy Now"
  • Finally, remember Medicare generally does not cover health care you receive when travelling outside the US and its territories.

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