June 24, 2019

Workstations Added to Offices

By Neath Folger

Exciting Additions to our Emeritus Center

With the kind assistance Mr. Mark Jax and our own Roxy Lane Tischer and Shawna Miller, we have been able to repurpose workstations and printers from the former Mayo Health Solutions (or MMSI). This now allows us to outfit all of our offices with workstations and, with the support of the Executive Committee supports and purchase of three additional printers, each room will have a dedicated printer paired with its workstation. For those who prefer to work on a Macintosh, a new iMac is also being purchased and it will continue to be paired with a printer.

These changes are in addition to the current eight workstations and three printers in the Business Center, which are not affected by these enhancements.

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