December 11, 2018

Windows 10 Upgrade Coming…What You Need to Know.

By Neath Folger

The computers in the Emeritus Business Center that are currently equipped with Windows 7 will be upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system the week of 12/17/18.

Upgrade process

The Windows 10 upgrade will come to most work units during late evening hours or overnight

How to help your staff prepare for the transition

  • Please store documents and files on home or department drives rather than on hard drives or desktops to minimize the chance for loss of files or data.
  • Report any specialty applications used by your department that may not be compatible with Windows 10 to your application support team for further investigation

Windows 10 will look and feel like Windows 7, with a few exceptions. The upgrade includes several new features that amplify productivity, provide better protection, and enhance enterprise support, including Mayo Dock.

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