October 30, 2018

Starting Nov. 7, new password requirements will be implemented.

By Neath Folger

Make your password more c@mPlex# to improve security

Passwords, the keys to Mayo's network, provide essential protection to keep the institution's information safe. Currently, passwords are six to eight characters and could include only letters or numbers. Starting Nov. 7, new password requirements will be implemented to improve security.

Effective Nov. 7, passwords must:

  • Be eight characters
  • Start with a letter
  • Use at least three of these options: uppercase letters; lowercase letters; numbers; and special characters @, # and/or $
  • You cannot use a previous password.


There is no need to update your current password until your normally scheduled password change. You are required to change your passwords every 180 days. You'll receive an email 20 days in advance to notify you about the needed password change.


When selecting a password, observe these password guidelines:

  • Avoid repeated characters.
  • Never share your password.
  • Never write down your password.
  • Don't use your Mayo Clinic password for personal accounts.

Why is the new password requirement limited to eight total characters, including three special characters? 

Some current Mayo Clinic systems are limited to eight characters and three symbols (@, # and $). Once these systems are retired, Mayo Clinic will move to a more complex password strategy.

Can I use all four character options? 

Yes, your password can include three or four of these options: uppercase letters; lowercase letters; numbers; and the @, # and $ symbols.

Will this change affect my password for my mobile devices? 

Yes, mobile devices that use your Mayo Clinic LAN ID and password must be updated after a password change. This typically includes updating the password used for secure Wi-Fi and any applications that rely on the LAN ID and password, such as Outlook email and calendar.

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