October 21, 2018

The Balfour Fund and Mayo Clinic Emeriti

By Neath Folger

The Balfour Fund is intended to raise funds in perpetuity to facilitate energetic, talented, and driven   emeritus staff to continue educating Mayo patients, students, residents, fellows, nurses, employees, and colleagues.

It is the hope of the Officers and Councilors, the Emeritus Executive Council, and the Dean of Education that these additional resources can be utilized effectively to advance the educational mission of Mayo. Enhancing the legacy and tradition of education and developing a greater sense of camaraderie and a feeling of relevance and reverence for Mayo emeriti throughout the Mayo enterprise is an added goal.


  • Generate and distribute funds to support the educational efforts of Mayo emeriti on behalf of patients, students, trainees, and staff
  • Create and foster a tradition of educational excellence utilizing the talents of Mayo emeriti
  • Educational projects are critically evaluated and use of funds is transparently reported annually to all benefactors
  • Facilitate an ongoing connection with Mayo for our emeriti

Consider making a contribution. It is tax deductible.

Contact Development for more information.


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