April 26, 2018

Reminder! Next Tech Talk is May 3rd on The Integration of Technology into Public Education

By Neath Folger

Tech Talk: The Integration of Technology into Public Education

When: May 3rd from 3-4 pm
Where: CTECH Career and Education Center at Heintz on RCTC Campus in the Multi-Purpose Room
CTECH address: 2130 College View Road East

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Jared Groehler - Principal at Bishop Elementary
  • Laura Willis - Instructional Coach for Rochester Public Schools
  • Jill Ryan - Instructional Coach and Technology Integrationist for Longfellow Elementary
  • Kris Davidson - Principal at Longfellow Elementary
  • Brandon Macracfic - Principal on Special Assignment at CTECH

Our distinguished panel will be presenting about the journey that Longfellow/RPS has taken with the implementation of digital technology in the school setting. This will be inclusive of piloting to full implementation at multiple sites. Results as well as logistics will be pieces of this presentation. Laura Willis and Jill Ryan will show a short video they created around illustrating technology in action in the classroom. There will also be a brief overview of how technology has transformed, in some regard, the staff development process for educators. Following the discussion, Brandon has offered to tour emeriti staff interested in seeing CTECH’s unique learning environment for the students of Southeastern Minnesota.

Don’t miss it!

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