April 25, 2018

New Patient Online Services with Epic…Starting May 5th

By Neath Folger

On May 5, with the implementation of Epic in Rochester, it'll be time for Rochester patients to meet the new Patient Online Services. This is the online portal that supports interaction between patients and Mayo Clinic, whether accessed through a web browser or the Mayo Clinic App. With the change, Patient Online Services will have a new look and some new features.  A preview of the patient view and features can be seen here.

The new features were introduced about a year ago. Patients at Mayo Clinic Health System sites in Wisconsin have been using the new tool since July 8, 2017, and patients at Mayo Clinic Health System sites in Minnesota have been using it since Nov. 4, 2017.


The login process for Patient Online Services will remain the same. And you'll use the same username and password that you do now. Features such as secure messaging, appointment requests, test results and clinical note access will remain the same. You'll also continue to be able to pay your bills online and view your Patient Appointment Guides.


The most noticeable change will be the look of Patient Online Services. The new look was designed with feedback from patients and usability studies. But a pretty face isn't enough. There are some brains behind the interface.

You'll be able to attach files to the secure messages you send to your care teams. For example, you can send a photo of a rash you might have or a photo of an incision to show your care team that your wound is healing well.

You'll be able to use eCheck-In, a feature that lets you check in for your appointment as early as seven days before the appointment. You can review and update your insurance and demographic information, answer your preappointment questionnaires, and electronically sign forms and authorizations.

The information you enter will be saved. And the next time you're asked to complete a questionnaire, you'll be able to review the answers you've already entered, make changes, and submit the questionnaire quickly and easily. When you arrive for your appointment, you can choose to use the bar code eCheck-In generates at an appointment check-in kiosk.


You'll be able to use these new features when you use Patient Online Services through the Mayo Clinic App, as well. And you can look forward to some other enhancements to the app as the Epic go-live in Rochester approaches. Look for the big reveal in a few weeks.


You'll find other changes in the new Patient Online Services once you start using it. You'll see that you can search your test results and secure messages. You'll be able to choose between receiving email or text notifications when new information is available in Patient Online Services. And you'll find preventive health reminders and more ways to interact with your health care team

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