March 14, 2018

Watch for new ‘[External]” label in Outlook email subject lines

By Neath Folger

Photo: Watch for new '[EXTERNAL]' label in Outlook email subject lines
Feb. 23, 2018
Beginning March 6, emails from outside Mayo Clinic will be labeled "[EXTERNAL]" in the subject line.

"Malware most often comes into Mayo Clinic from external emails," says Philip Truesdale, Office of Information Security. "The '[EXTERNAL]' label is a quick way to identify email from outside of Mayo Clinic that needs extra scrutiny. In general, we recommend you avoid clicking on links or opening attachments from external emails, especially those that you didn't expect to receive."

Review these tips and reminders on email security:

  • You play a vital role in blocking email phishing and malware attacks.
  • Every day, phishing and malware emails target Mayo Clinic. Most are blocked by Information Technology safeguards, but some make it through to staff mailboxes.
  • Exercise caution when interacting with external emails, and avoid clicking links or opening attachments.
  • Report suspicious emails by clicking the Report Phishing button on the right side of the Outlook tool bar or forwarding to

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