January 18, 2018

important New Emeriti Survey

By Neath Folger

We continue to explore opportunities for Mayo Clinic emeriti to make purposeful contributions in retirement and to enjoy a variety of social, travel, health and wellness activities. This week you should have received a mailed copy of the latest survey of emeriti in the Rochester region and for those on our email distribution list, a digital version is being sent out as well.  This survey will assess what we are doing as well as new opportunities brought to us by Mayo administration. In an effort to bring you relevant and current news and information, we also want to know the best media to use in communication. We appreciate your help in completing the questionnaire.

Section “One” assesses interest in a new paid leadership program for well defined projects including possible opportunities for mentorship.

Section “Two” requests your feedback on the evolving Silver Force Circle programs. This is the portal for social, travel, service and educational experiences as well as for health and wellness programs for all Emeriti.

Section “Three” deals with Staying Connected. What type of communication is most effective to keep you informed? As more of us use various electronic forms of communication, we also want to insure we have your current email address or addresses. Over time it is likely we will transition to more electronic communication to reduce costs of mailings, be more environmentally friendly, and most importantly provide you with more rapid access to breaking news and information.

When the survey is completed, we will provide a summary to all emeriti in our region.

On behalf of the Emeritus Executive Council, thank you for participating.

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