June 19, 2017

More on Making Sense of The Mayo Clinic Internet Restrictions

By Neath Folger

Question: I use my mayo.edu address exclusively for emailing. Can I continue to use this for my personal email at home and on a Mayo device.

Answer: It is preferred that you use a personal email provider such as Yahoo, Gmail, Charter, etc for personal use if at all possible. We realize this is inconvenient. That said, if you continue to use your Mayo email, remain vigilant about opening emails from unknown or suspicious sources and never open an attachment or URL link unless confident you know the source.

Question: Do the new rules apply to my mobile device?

Answer: In general, mobile devices are less subject to viruses and executables files from malicious or phishing email, but still follow the same guidelines re: opening links and attachments from unknown sources. Remember to hover or click on the sender’s name to insure it is not a proxy for another user.

Question: I use VPN to access the Mayo intranet. Is this subject to the same rules as a Mayo laptop or computer.

Answer: You are working inside the firewall and hence direct access to Mayo information. You should observe the same precautions as if you were working at Mayo or on a Mayo connected laptop.

While the restrictions on use of personal email and accessing the internet for personal use on Mayo devices is temporary, it is important you always follow safe technology practices to protect your identify and minimize the risk of cybercrime.

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