February 8, 2017

New Website is live

By Neath Folger

Mayo Clinic  Emeriti Association Website


The new enterprise emeriti website launched on Tuesday, February 7. To better understand some of the features of the new website, read "Tips for using website."  This website has a different look plus it's outside the Mayo Clinic firewall, hence requires no login or remote access. Most of the content on the Rochester and Arizona website will now be found on the new site e.g. calendar, news and announcements, social activities, health and wellness programs, retirement tools. In the weeks ahead we will be taking down many of the pages on the older Rochester site, but will keep the site there for sensitive and/or confidential information as well as links to selective sites inside the firewall.

Check out the new site. There is a lot happening at our emeriti centers and this will be one way to keep up with the activities.

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