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Thu, Jul 13 9:46am · July Quarterly Noon Luncheon

At the recent noon Luncheon Dr. Heidi Nelson spoke on The Human Microbiome or the Missing Link in her role as a member of the Center for Individualized Medicine. It created awareness of how much we owe to our own bacterial flora and their influence on both health and disease processes. Make you think of the “midi-chlorians” in the Jedi’s blood from Star Wars.




Additionally emeriti recognized Dr. Barbara Westmoreland and Dr. Ed Rosenow for their contributions to the Emeriti Staff Center.


Mon, Jun 19 10:40am · More on Making Sense of The Mayo Clinic Internet Restrictions

Question: I use my address exclusively for emailing. Can I continue to use this for my personal email at home and on a Mayo device.

Answer: It is preferred that you use a personal email provider such as Yahoo, Gmail, Charter, etc for personal use if at all possible. We realize this is inconvenient. That said, if you continue to use your Mayo email, remain vigilant about opening emails from unknown or suspicious sources and never open an attachment or URL link unless confident you know the source.

Question: Do the new rules apply to my mobile device?

Answer: In general, mobile devices are less subject to viruses and executables files from malicious or phishing email, but still follow the same guidelines re: opening links and attachments from unknown sources. Remember to hover or click on the sender’s name to insure it is not a proxy for another user.

Question: I use VPN to access the Mayo intranet. Is this subject to the same rules as a Mayo laptop or computer.

Answer: You are working inside the firewall and hence direct access to Mayo information. You should observe the same precautions as if you were working at Mayo or on a Mayo connected laptop.

While the restrictions on use of personal email and accessing the internet for personal use on Mayo devices is temporary, it is important you always follow safe technology practices to protect your identify and minimize the risk of cybercrime.

Tue, May 30 8:46am · Important Message from Mayo News Center

Internet restrictions: Answers to how long and why

May 26, 2017

Staff restrictions on internet use are estimated to be in place for 90 days while security enhancements are being developed. During this time:

  • You should never check personal email (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Charter, etc.) from any Mayo Clinic laptop, workstation or clinical system.
  • You should not check personal Facebook or Twitter accounts from any Mayo Clinic laptop, workstation or clinical system. Staff who use their personal and Mayo Clinic Twitter and Facebook accounts for their work can continue to do so.
  • You should never use a medical device or clinical system to connect to the internet unless clinically necessary.
  • Limit other internet access to only what’s necessary for work.

Andrew Coyne, chief information security officer, Mayo Clinic, answers questions about these restrictions, the risk to Mayo Clinic and solutions being developed:

Why are these restrictions in place? Since some staff still access the internet for work, does this restriction really help protect Mayo Clinic? 
Mayo Clinic has experienced ransomware incidents in the past. While these previous attempts have not caused serious damage, the latest ransomware types are much more dangerous. Most of these previous ransomware incidents were the direct result of staff receiving phishing emails or malware messages in their personal email or Facebook account, and then viewing or opening these messages using Mayo computers.

These sites are the highest-risk internet locations for ransomware and other malware — but are not the only risky places. That is why we have asked for a temporary prohibition on personal email, Facebook and Twitter, and access to the internet for nonbusiness purposes.

These steps will significantly reduce the risk of a successful cyberattack.

From the Mayo News Center

Tue, May 2 11:51am · Help is Here

Learn to do more with your computer!

Our colleagues from the HelpDesk under the guidance of Mr. Jonathan Holmes are still available to provide Emeriti technological assistance at:

IT Help Sessions at Plummer 10 Business Center
1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the Month from 10 am to 12 noon.

Take advantage of this terrific resource.



Mon, May 1 5:39pm · Silver Force Biking - 9:30 am - Rochester Event

Cannon Valley Trail (Welch to Cannon Falls)

Details coming

Mon, May 1 5:37pm · Silver Force Biking - 9:30 am - Rochester Event

Douglas Trail (Rochester to County Hwy 3)